How To Heal The Sick

Luke 4

And he stood over her, and rebuked the fever; and it left her: and immediately she arose and ministered unto them.

MANY OF GOD’S children don’t understand how to minister healing to the sick.
First, we must know that IT IS ALWAYS God’s will to heal.
secondly, Jesus has set the church against sickness and disease.

Thirdly, Jesus said, these signs shall follow they that believe. Now this does not mean a special believing or special act of faith. No! it simply means those that believe on His name. The Greek of that verse in Mark 16 says, “these signs shall follow the BELIEVING ONES”.

He is talking about those that are born again!

Fourthly, the Blessed Lord Jesus has given us His Holy Precious and Wonderful Name to use in dealing with demons and diseases.

Now notice how the Master ministered to Peter’s mother in-law.
He did not pray to God to heal her. That is what most people do when they are praying for the sick. They ask God to heal the person. NO! No! It doesn’t work like that. The power to heal is with the Believing ones, the ones that are born again.
Notice that the Master REBUKED the fever! He ordered the fever to go!

Notice also in Acts of the Apostles, Peter and John ministered healing to the man that was born lame at the gate called beautiful. They ORDERED the man to be made whole. And he was.

When healing the sick, you order the sickness to depart. You rebuke the disease and command it to go. And then you command the person to be made whole. The key is in not asking God to heal the infirmed person when He has given you the power to heal.

Some one may say “but i tried it and it did not work!”. Stop trying it, just do it and keep doing it. And don’t stop doing it.

God wants us to heal the sick! it is up to us to take up that responsibility and use the authority given to us over every demoniacal power and put and end to their torment of humanity.

Never be afraid when healing the sick. Never bother if they will get well or not. Yours is to lay hands and demand they be healed. And they will be!
May many receive healings by your hands.
Now you know what to do, go to work.

To the ends of the earth!
God bless you richly with great grace and many blessings!