You Are Coming To Light

John 3 

But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. 
WHEN I SAW THIS SCRIPTURE a few years ago, it startled me. I meditated on it for a long while until it sank into my spirit. Then i wrote it among other things in the front cover of my Bible.
I just felt that this scripture held the key.
It says he that doeth truth. That means he that keeps acting on the Word. he that keeps doing what the word says will end up in the light. By the light means, he will be noticed. He will come out in the open.
And the reason he comes to the light is so it may be known that his deeds were done in God.
This is important because many times when you are acting on the word, it is difficult and many don’t understand you. Actually many think you are taking this “church” thing too far. You earn your first salary in January, you give it out, what nonsense. You give away money as seed, what rubbish. Things are not working and you are insisting that they are working, crap! They hear you speak in tongues, what a waste of time……..God said, people need to know that your deeds, all those things were done in God! All those things you did them in God. alleluia!
That is why you must come to light! 
It’s like Elija the prophet, on mount Carmel, he said to God, “let this people know that everything I have done was because you said so” (my paraphrase). Guess what! 
You don’t have to guess……….
Fire fell from heaven! 
I believe in my heart that God is beginning to bring you to light. Your time is here. Men will know that of a truth, your deeds are wrought in God! 
Don’t give up, stay doing the truth, you are coming to light! Glory to God! 
Make this confession and madden the devil: 
I declare God’s incredible blessings over my life. 
I see explosions of God’s goodness, 
a sudden widespread increase. 
I am experiencing the surpassing greatness of God’s favor. 
It is elevating me to a level higher than I ever dreamed of. Explosive blessings are coming my way. I am an explosive blessing every where i go. 
This is the greatest year i have seen so far! alleluia! Glory to God!
God bless you richly!
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Rev. Walter Timothy

Rev. Walter Timothy is a dynamic teacher of God’s word, whose teaching ministry dissolves doubts and establishes faith in the hearts of his hearers. He has a passion to see souls saved and for the church to come to maturity. Many have received healing through his healing ministry. Ephesians 4:11-13 is the great motivation for his ministry towards the saints. He is the outstanding Author of several books, through his TV ministry thousands has been brought to the reality of the victorious life that is in Christ Jesus.

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