All the Kingdoms Shall Become His

Revelations 11

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

OUR BLESSED LORD JESUS CHRIST is indeed the King of kings and the very Lord of lords.
In the book of Daniel, king Nebuchadnezzar had a dream where he saw the statue of a multi-minerald man. This man had the head of gold, the arms and chest of silver, the belly and ties of bronze, the legs of iron and the feet of iron mixed with clay.

In Daniel’s interpretation of the dream, he explained that the head of gold was the Babylonian empire. The chest and arms of silver represented the Medo-Persian empire; the belly and ties of bronze represented the Grecian empire. The legs of iron represented the Roman empire; while the toes of iron mixed with clay represents the coming revived weakened Roman empire.

In the dream, a rock cut from a mountain by an invisible hand, struck the statue at the feet and it fell and was crushed to powder.
In the dream, the stone grew and became a mountain and covered the earth.
That stone is the Kingdom of God.
It will supplant every other kingdom that has ever existed.

Here in Revelations, it says that all the kingdoms of the world has become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ. Alleluia!

Jesus is the greatest thing to happen to humanity.
Every other kingdom is a passing kingdom.
Those of us that are born again are in the ultimate kingdom.
There is no kingdom greater that the Kingdom of our God.
We are members and citizens of the kingdom of Almighty God.
We must not allow ourselves to be deceived out of this kingdom.
And we must do everything possible to bring many into this glorious kingdom of our God.

To God alone be the praise and the honor and the glory and the kingdoms of this world!

To the ends of the earth!
God bless you richly with great grace and many blessings!

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