That The Spirit May Be Saved

1 Corinthians 5

To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
This does not imply the condemnation of the Brother or Sister. It is a form of spiritual correction.
Here Paul says to deliver this Brother to Satan. This involves giving Satan authority over the persons flesh, by this he means things in the realm of the senses.

This is an apostolic authority!
The purpose of this is for an unrepentant, proudful Brother to be humbled, so they can find repentance and retrace their steps.
Notice that Paul used this method another time in the Scriptures in 1 Timothy 1:20 “Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme. ”
Notice also that Paul points out that the purpose of delivering this person to Satan is so that the spirit may be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus. This is very vital.

The reason for this apostolic authority is not to witch hunt a Brother or Sister; the reason for this is not to show that the leader has spiritual authority. The reason for this is the salvation of the person involved.
This is because if they continue, they will get to the place where they can even renounce the Lord Jesus.
The thing really is to never allow yourself to get to the point were the only way to rescue you is to deliver the person to Satan to torture the flesh (things in the senses). The teaching of God’s word and your spiritual Leader’s instructions should be enough to stay you.

Paul believes that if all efforts to salvage a Believer fail, when he or she is delivered to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, somehow, they will retrace their steps and walk with the Lord.
That was the case with this Brother. In 2 Corinthians we see that the Brother had so turned around that Paul had to write to instruct the church to receive him immediately back into the fold.

There is no reason for fear here. The major thing in this is to simply walk safely with the Lord and submit yourself to your spiritual authority. It will keep you safe and blossoming in the house of our God!

And you will live a life of an unending stream of miracles, victories and successes.

God bless you richly!

Be Conscious of This

1 Corinthians 4

Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.
AS WE SOJOURN IN THIS WORLD, one sure thing God wants us to be conscious of is the fact that a day is coming when He will judge the days of our sojourn in this world.

Now when people hear judge, they think of condemnation. But not every judgement is condemnatory. If a Judge ALWAYS condemns people, then he is not a good judge.
One thing Satan has done is to make people give less thought to life after this one. People are so consumed with this life that they have little time to give thought to the life after this.

Being conscious of the life after this, makes living this life a qualitative one. It gives meaning, essence and worth to this life on this side of eternity. Not giving thought to it makes men careless. A man once said that men have driven to live better lives here on earth thinking about the coming life.
Such should be obvious! When a student thinks of his future, he studies hard.

Paul is telling us in our text today to judge nothing before the time; he says when the Lord Jesus comes He will judge us (by us here, he is talking about us Believers.)
Paul tells us that when He comes, He will bring to light the hidden things we did for Him when no body was watching. He will also make manifest the reasons we did them.

Then he says: then shall EVERY man have praise of God. Alleluia!
ESV translation says “ Then each one will receive his commendation from God.”
HCSB translation says “And then praise will come to each one from God.”
NET translation says “ Then each will receive recognition from God.”
It is very well elucidated by Paul that each one of us will receive commendation, praise, or recognition from God according to our efforts for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
If you are conscious of this on a consistent basis, I don’t think you will be needing encouragement to work for and with the Lord. If you are conscious of this, I don’t think that someone can offend you enough to abandon your service to the Lord.
But this one thing is sure, for every little thing that is done for the gospel God will appreciate it.
Paul told us that God is not unjust to forget our labor of love in that we ministered to the saints and do minister. Let your heart stay with our Blessed Lord.
My admonition to you is be strong, unmoveable and always abound in the work of the Lord.

The life that is coming is far greater than this one. Be conscious of it and you will live a better life here on earth.

God bless you richly!

Become Spiritual

1 Corinthians 3

And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.
When you are spiritual then there is a whole lot going for you.
In our text today, Paul says he could not speak unto them because they were carnal; they were babes. How much does a baby know? How much can a baby be taught? Definitely not very much!
As a result of their spiritual infancy, or dwarfism they could not be taught more. Paul the Apostle frustratingly could not share deeper truths with them. They must have been limited in their spiritual experience and as a result limited in their lives.

Many believes are spiritual dwarfs, they know a little and they don’t know that there is still a whole lot the Blessed Spirit wants to give to them to enhance their lives and their spiritual and physical experiences.

Growing spiritually and becoming spiritual is very vital. When you are growing and walking in the spirit, God begins to give you more. He begins to show you more. Even your pastor can attest with great joy to the fact that you are growing spiritually. He will be glad to share deeper spiritual truths with you.

Many people don’t understand the importance of this. God cannot move you beyond your level of the knowledge of His word, and beyond His level of dealings with you!
This is the reason He wants to share more with you. But when a child of God remains a babe and carnal, then God is limited in what He can share with them or give to them.

You cannot give a car to a babe, regardless of how much you love that baby, or how much the car is the baby’s right. Many believers are babies and the want a “car”. No, you have to grow and mature so you can handle your “car”
Galatians 4:1 says “Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; ”

There is no difference between a child and a slave. He acts like a slave. Babies are complainers. They feel bad easily. Their feelings can easily be hurt. They are easily offended. Ah! They are just messy! Any little thing they don’t understand in church or in their spiritual walk offends them. It is not the same with a spiritual man. He has learnt submission and obedience. He has learned to count all joy. He has learnt to trust the Spirit. He has learned not to be moved by what he sees or hears.

What then is the solution to this? Paul tells us in Galatians 4:2 “But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father.”
He is saying that this heir that has been a child must be under tutors and governors until the time appointed by the Father. This is why God puts His children under pastors to teach them and govern them until they grow enough to receive their inheritance in Christ.

Keep yourself under a pastor and LET HIM TEACH YOU AND GOVERN YOU!
It is not just being teachable but also being governable.

Make yourself teachable and governable by your Pastor, and you will have a victorious and glorious life.

God bless you richly!

Dethroned Powers

1 Corinthians 2
Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought:

I AM ENTHRALLED BY THE ABOVE VERSE. IT IS NOT VERY APPARENT READING IT from the King James Version of the Bible. But as you study it from other translations, you will understand it much better.

James Moffat translation of the New Testament translates 1Corinthians 2:6 thus: “We do discuss ‘wisdom’ with those who are mature; only it is not the wisdom of this world or of the dethroned Powers who rule this world”
Our attention is drawn to the last part of the verse; he calls the princes of this world “dethroned powers” who rule this world. That is quite gripping!

These princes are demonic spirits that rule this world and cause chaos in the lives of people.
The important thing to note then is that these princes are dethroned powers. They have been sacked from office. They are dethroned!

It is amazing that they are still ruling the world of many people!
The reason is very simple: the people are ignorant of the fact that these princes have been dethroned. If they know they will forbid these dethroned powers from having influence over their lives and all theirs.

Through our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection, He vanquished ALL demoniacal powers, rendering them impotent and a shadow of their old selves. Our Blessed Lord Jesus stripped them of all their powers and legal rights over all humanity. They were sacked from their positions of authority over the human race. Now they have no iota of authority over any human.
Yes it is true that they still oppress many but that is because either such people don’t know that their oppressor is a defeated foe or they simply don’t want to use their God given authority over their oppressor.
Satan and his entire viceroy have been soundly defeated and thoroughly sacked from their exalted position over humanity. Now Satan is an outlaw! He is doomed!

No child of God needs fear him. He is now a toothless bulldog! At the Name of Jesus, he must fall on his knees! Alleluia!
He is a dethroned power. He is no more in office!

We are the ones in office!And we are to rule over him with a rod of iron to the glory of God!
Satan and all his cohorts are dethroned, and YOU HAVE AUTHORITY OVER THEM ALL!

God bless you richly!

God’s Modus Operandi

1 Corinthians 1
For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
In our text today, paul gives us God’s modus operandi. He says that it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

How can Someone work such a great salvation and then decide that it will be distributed among humanity only through preaching? A man most likely will not do that. He would have chosen a bogus, intimidating means of sharing the message of the gospel.

But God knows that all that will not be necessary, knowing that man was created with the ability to believe. So He chose the preaching of the gospel as a means of saving mankind.
It is clear then that humanity cannot be saved by any other means than the preaching of the gospel.
If the gospel is not preached, then man will not hear it; and if He does not hear the gospel, he cannot believe. And if he cannot believe the gospel then he is damned eternally.

The great redemption that Christ has wrought for humanity is delivered to men through the preaching of the gospel. This method looks foolish in the eyes of men, yet when you think about it, it is the simplest and most effective way to reach the masses of humanity.
This truth must be settled in the heart of every Believer, except the gospel is preached, the masses of humanity will be lost!

This is the reason the Master said, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature!
Those that believe the gospel will be saved but those that reject it will be damned!
How can we not go! If we don’t go who will?

The Master has entrusted the eternal destiny of the human race to you and I!
This is a great responsibility upon us!
Necessity is laid upon us to preach the gospel!

Get vitally involved today!

God bless you richly!

Laboring Much In The Lord

Romans 16

Salute Tryphena and Tryphosa, who labour in the Lord. Salute the beloved Persis, which laboured much in the Lord.
THIS IS VERY INSTRUCTIVE! IN THE SAME VERSE Paul is greeting two sets of people.
One he said has labored in the Lord, the other he says has labored much in the Lord!

When our earthly sojourn is over, so it shall be; we all will assemble before the Master and He will give out His rewards to each and every one of us according to our service to Him when we were on earth.
Every good done will be rewarded!

In this chapter notice that everything was eulogized by the Holy Spirit; even the first person to be saved in Achaia was praised for being the first to accept Christ in the region! Amazing!
No good done as the Master directed will go unrewarded!

In our text today, the Blessed Holy Spirit recognizes that Tryphena and Tryphosa labored in the Lord; He also points out that Persis labored MUCH in the Lord. Evidently, He is acknowledging that Persis did more for the Lord!
All of these people served the Lord under Paul’s ministry; and here Paul is kind of giving account of their service. He said Persis labored much!

This is the very reason I am always persuading people to do more in the gospel. Some are praying, but others are praying more. Some are giving but others are giving more. Some are winning souls but others are winning more. Pay attention as your leaders challenge you to do more. Embrace the opportunities given to you to labor more. Rise to your true potential! Exceed yourself in the service of our Blessed Lord. Exceed your own record! Break records, set new records in the service of the Master! You were born to be exceptional, embrace who you are!

Don’t rest on your oars, there is much more to be done for the Master. Remember, He will reward every bit of effort expended for the gospel.

Let it be said of you, “others labored in the Lord, but YOU labored MUCH in the Lord”.

Congratulations in advance!

God bless you richly!

Striving In Prayer

Romans 15

Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me;

PRAYER IS WORK! MANY PEOPLE DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT THAT! Some just think prayer is an easy task.
Here Paul is asking the Romans to strive with him in prayer. The word translated strive has to do with wrestling, struggle. We can say something like birth pangs.

It is important to note that without prayer, and I mean lots of prayer, we cannot get the ministry of the gospel done.
To let us know how important this is, Paul pleads invoking the Lord Jesus Christ and appealing to their love of the Holy Spirit. He is saying, for Christ’s sake and for your love of the Spirit, strive with me in Prayer; wrestle with me in prayer.
The wrestling in prayer is so that his service (ministry) to the saints in Jerusalem will be accepted. If he didn’t pray, though he had something good to offer the people, there is no guarantee the people will receive it.

Prayer is like tilling the ground before the seed of the word can be planted. Without breaking up the ground and watering it, the seed though an incorruptible seed, will not germinate and produce the necessary harvest. When we pray for our ministry to be received, we are tilling the ground; we are breaking up the fallow ground of people’s hearts; we are pouring rain water of the Spirit on the ground of people’s hearts. After that as we plant the word, it takes hold. It germinates and grows, and brings forth mighty fruit to the glory of God the Father. Alleluia!

The truth is that yes, you have prayed before, but that is the same thing with Paul. He had prayed and even boasted that he had preached the gospel to his known world. But here he is still praying and asking for more praying to be done. He knows the necessity of prayer!

It is only through mighty persistent prayer can the ministry of the gospel flourish. Without consistent ardent, fervent, passionate, continued, till-we-see-what-we-are-praying-for prayers the effectiveness of the ministry of the gospel is hindered.

We are not successful until the gospel prospers mightily in our hands. And ardent continued prayer will guarantee that. Without striving in prayer, it will not happen! BUT as we strive in prayer, oh alleluia, we will DEFINITELY SEE the mighty harvest that we desire and have birthed through our travailing prayers. And oh what a joy that will overwhelm us as we see masses of souls trudging to the cross of Golgotha, and from thence glide to the very throne of grace!

Today, take time and pray that the gospel will be received by the saints and sinners in your city and nation!

To the ends of the earth!
God bless you richly with great grace and many blessings!

Kingdom Of God Is…

Romans 14
For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
IN THIS CHAPTER PAUL IS PRIMARILY TALKING ABOUT FOOD. HERE they are making a big deal with it, fighting and quarrelling over what is right to eat and all sorts.

In correcting these, Paul is telling us that they kingdom of God does not consist in meat and drink. Our relationship to God has nothing to do with food and drink. Of course, it doesn’t mean we should eat just about anything and drink just about anything, his emphasis is that food and drink has no bearing on the Kingdom of God. Our relationship with the Holy spirit is not determined by the food we eat.

Our attention is then drawn to what he says the kingdom of God consists of. He says the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost! Alleluia! What a blessing just reading that.
The religion of the Jews was based on meat and drink. Most religions of the world are based on food and drink. But our kingdom is not based on food and drink. It is righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost.
In the kingdom of God, we have righteousness, we have peace and we have joy in the Holy Ghost.

We have a spiritual kingdom. In that kingdom, we are made righteous by the resurrection of Christ; we have peace with God by the blood of Christ, and we have joy unspeakable and full of glory!

It is not “kingdomly” for a child of God to walk around with a sad face for a long time. Some people never laugh; they never leap for joy; they never sing for joy; they never give a joyous offering; they never dance for joy. They are always stiff. When you ask them, they say life is serious! What a mess! No, that is not how it is in the kingdom. In the kingdom, there is joy unspeakable! Inexplicable joy! In the kingdom we have a merry heart; we leap for joy; we dance for joy; we give when we are joyous; we shout for joy. That joy is already in our spirit. It is Holy Ghost Joy. Ours is to let it dominate us. Our joy is not ordinary joy. It is Holy Ghost joy!

Regardless of what we see around us, we just let out our joy. We are to be joyous ALL the time; in good times and in bad times.
The world didn’t give us this joy. There is nothing they can throw at us that can take this joy away except we let them.
The Holy Spirit has instructed us to count all Joy. Today let the joy of the Lord dominate your life. Joy rules us in this kingdom. We are in the kingdom of God, and it is a JOY-FULL Kingdom!
A song writer said, “Oh sing for joy to God our strength”. He calls God his strength and he is singing for joy that God is his strength. Amazing!

Today sing for joy to God your strength; sing for joy to God your provider; sing for joy to God your protector; sing for joy to God your deliverer; sing for joy to God your redeemer; sing for joy to God that maketh a barren woman a JOYFUL mother of many children; sing for joy to God that makes the poor to dine with princes and with kings!

Sing for joy! Shout for joy! Leap for joy! Dance for joy! (I can hardly contain myself here. I better stop!)
Release the joy in your spirit today and you will see victories!

God bless you richly!

Render To People Their Dues

Romans 13

Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

IN THE NEXT VERSE AFTER OUT TEXT TODAY Paul says to “owe no man anything but love.”
Many have taught that he was talking about not owing people money. Of course that can be inferred from that verse but in the context of the chapter, he is talking about much more. He is talking about our verse today.
He is saying, render to all their dues, don’t owe any man what is due them.
And this is very vital in our lives. God wants our lives to be orderly.

You are to know the people around you and find out what you owe them. For instances, a wife owes the husband fear (respect). And she is expected by God to pay that to her husband because it is due him. On the other hand, a husband owes the wife unconditional love. And God is saying he is not to owe her that love. He must pay the debt of love to the wife.

In your relationship between you and a superior, you owe the superior obedience. If the superior tells you to do something and you don’t. and maybe a friend comes and tells you to do what your superior told you to do, and because of your friend you do it. You have still not paid your superior the debt of obedience you owe. Because the reason you did it was your friend and not in obedience to your superior.

Some of these things are continuous. A wife doesn’t respect the husband just once. A husband doesn’t just love the wife just once. You cannot just honor the leaders in your life just once. Your tax to “Caesar” is not just once. Some of these things are continuous; you must do them all your life. And these are things that make your journey in life a wonderful journey.

Learn to give people what you owe them.
Make yourself indebted to the world!
To whom do you owe loyalty? To whom do you owe honor? To whom do you owe respect?

Render therefore to all what is due them! Never rebel against a man you owe loyalty. It is despicable! Never dishonor someone you owe honor. It is a shameful and contemptible thing to do. Never disrespect someone you owe respect. It is dreadful thing to do.

God has called you to live a victorious, triumphant and exceedingly successful life.
Walk in it!

May God bless you richly!

Do Not Conform, Be Transformed

Romans 12

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Paul says we are not to conform to this world. He wants us NOT to conform to the world. We are not to fit into the worlds mould. We are not to be like the world. We are to be different from the world.

It is amazing that some Believers think, talk and act like the world. How can this be?
Paul says the only way not to conform is to be transformed!
When you got born again, it was ONLY your spirit, which is the real you that got save. But man is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body.

Man’s soul is the connection between man’s spirit and his body (earthly realities).
The perfection of man’s spirit cannot be witnessed on the outside except man’s soul (mind) is renewed.
The mind controls man’s actions and experiences in this world.
Except the Believers mind is renewed, he will continue to have the same experiences he had before he was born again.
For him to have godlier and divine experiences, his mind must be renewed with the word of God.

The word of God is our instrument of mind renewal, not the news or human education! Only the word of God!
When the word of God gains ascendancy over our minds, our experiences in this world will be dramatically different from what the world is experiencing.
There is a transformation that every Believer must go through, and this remarkable transformation can only come through the Holy Word of God!

The Psalmist said, the word of God is perfect renewing the mind!
There is no better weapon or instrument that can be used to renew the mind!
Go for the word of God today, receive the word with meekness, and see your life transformed!

God bless you richly!